Echoes of the X Metrology Symposium, 2017

Metrología 2021

19 - 11 - 2021

“Measurements for sustainable development”, was the motto that brought together more than 400 delegates from 11 countries at the X Metrology Symposium, 2017, an appointment that had the participation of prestigious national and international officials who were in charge of the presentation of keynote conferences.

All of this fostered the exchange to strengthen collaborative relationships between specialists from homologous institutions on topics of interest in this science. Cubans and foreigners shared knowledge, practices, experiences and relationships, all of which fostered a comprehensive, solid and consistent work in pursuit of the metrological function, which results in competitive quality services that meet the expectations for the economic development of our countries.


Holding this type of meeting constitutes a need for the metrological community, at the same time that it opens a new stage of work in the application creative and efficient knowledge acquired in our Symposium, as well as its dissemination and expansion in their own organizations.