Speaking of Metrology

Ing. Fernando A. Arruza Rodríguez

14 - 12 - 2021

Director de Metrología ONN; Director del Servicio Nacional de Metrología; Miembro CIML-OIML; Miembro extranjero de la Academia Rusa de Metrología.

Metrology is the science of measurements, or as some describe it, “the art of making correct and reliable measurements”. It is one of the world’s oldest sciences, and a necessary one that becomes more relevant as humankind develops.

What progress science has achieved has been closely related to the development of our capability to measure. Measurements make it possible to organize and facilitate trade and move large amounts of merchandise; to make a quantitative appraisal of the physical and chemical properties of objects and substances; to make a diagnosis and decide the right medical treatment; and to control environmental parameters, among other functions. Metrology is present in every daily activity of a human being.  

Suffice it to say, by way of example, that some authors remark that between 55% y 70% or more of the problems facing production are a direct consequence of an inadequate metrological assurance program, or the lack thereof. The reason is that having a properly calibrated or verified measuring instrument is not enough if the operator of that instrument is not qualified to handle it and, therefore, unable to properly interpret its results.